On the first floor of the private staircase of Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande between frescoed ceilings and a hall of mirrors of the second half of ‘600, Stefano Campogrande and Daniela Scognamillo created Campogrande Concept, a new space where you can share interests and emotions and awake the collective and creative soul of Bologna…

A pearl located in the heart of the city, very close to the Two Towers monument…fresco ceilings, typical of the second half of the 17th century, are an  ideal frame for Art and Design Exhibitions.

The building’s historic splendour is complemented by creative projects and contemporary installations reminiscent of a glamorous era, making it an elegant venue for workshops, conventions, fashion shows and cultural events

– Employment of all the rooms (total of 270 sq.m.)
– Cloakroom service
– Reception admittance desk
– Room assigned to catering
– 100 stuffed seats
– 1 desk for speakers (250x80cm)
– 1 round table 100cm in diameter for the display of publicity material
– 8 particular seatings (with arms or stuffed)
– 4 white poufs (2 seats pro pouf)
– 10 white poufs (1 seat pro pouf)
– 2 grain sack poufs (2 seats pro pouf)
– Loudspeakers, mixer, microphone
– Screen (140×130)
– Projector Philips Pico Pix PPX2330 (compatible with most personal computers)
– PC ASUS Lcd 15.6
– Totem poster stands (70x100cm)
– Wi‐fi network for 5 workstations

– Secretaryship service
– Hostess service
– Cloakroom service
– Photoshoots
– Floral supplies
– Technical assistance
– Catering
– Music