Centergross, a district that gathers over 683 companies, of which about 70% are linked to activities in the fashion sector. A true pulsing heart for internationalisation and distribution,
it was established in the late 1960s when wholesalers embarked upon an initiative in a strategic area north of Bologna, which immediately proved to be far more than a successful entrepreneurial structure. Since its beginnings, Centergross has rightly been seen as a generator of opportunities for companies, buyers – with more than 10,000 daily visits from purchasers, 60% of whom arriving from overseas – and for Made in Italy throughout the world. Indeed, the turnover of the commercial centre headed by Lucia Gazzotti originates not only from Italy but also Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. It is a top-level example of a place that brings together the supply and demand for “well-made in Italy at a fair price”. Today more than ever, it is an exportable model that Europe views with admiration. In fact, the dynamics of fast fashion accommodate the high-quality vocation of Made in Italy in the new paths that fashion is treading on an international level.s treading on an international level.